Déc 182013

Jenny McCarthy, l'ex de Jim Carey, a choisi de rendre un hommage à la langue de Miley Cyrus pour son déguisement d'Halloween !

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Dirty Love [2005] [DVD] by Jenny McCarthyDirty Love [2005] [DVD] by Jenny McCarthyWhen Rebecca (Jenny McCarthy - Scream 3, Scary Movie 3) comes home to find her supermodel boyfriend in bed with another woman, her whole world starts to fall apart... To get over it, Rebecca, along with girlfriends Michelle (Carmen Electra - Starsky & Hutch, Scary Movie 4) and Carrie, embark on on a wild series of hilarious sexcapades with a number of unsuitable male suitors - all the while believing that sometimes a girl needs to get a little down and dirty if she is to find true love... But will Rebecca realise in time that John (Eddie Kaye Thomas - American Pie series), her best friend, might be just the guy she's been waiting for? [It's a girl meets boy, girl gets dumped, girl loses dignity, girl finds love story!]

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  1. Il fallait y penser !

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