Jan 012014

Invitée hier soir à la télévision US pour l'émission "So you think you can dance", Lady Gaga était l'un des membres du jury. Après la prestation de deux candidats, Allison Holker et Marko Germar, sur le titre "I know it's over" de

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High school musical 2 (edizione integrale) [(edizione integrale)] [Import italien]High school musical 2 (edizione integrale) [(edizione integrale)] [Import italien]Disney’s huge hit franchise of the moment never has, and perhaps never will, see the inside of a cinema. But given the millions upon millions of followers across the globe, the DVD release of High School Musical 2 will nonetheless rival the sales of any blockbuster you care to mention. And why shouldn’t it? Grounded firmly in the family spirit that classic Disney movies are renowned for, High School Musical 2 isn’t the most radical movie you’re ever likely to see, but it’s had few recent rivals where outright fun is concerned. The plot this time sees Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Chad, Taylor and Sharpay in the midst of organising a talent competition during their school holidays, which proves all the excuse the film needs to bring on the musical entertainment.

Packed in with insanely addictive tunes, and playing very firmly to its fan base, it’s hard not to conclude that High School Musical 2 is a success. What’s more, there’s immense re-spin potential to the disc, and, given the raging success of the first movie, this one too is set to be enjoyed time and time again. Not jumped on the High School Musical wagon yet? Here’s a perfect place to start. is a fun family movie, and one that sits both as a worthy sequel, and a warm slice of entertainment in its own right. --Jon Foster

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  1. Que d’émotions dites donc !

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