Fév 262015

 Halle Berry vient de dénoncer la quête quasi systématique de la jeunesse à Hollywood. Ce n'est pas la première actrice à se plaindre ce cette "pression" inévitable. Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard et bien d'autres consoeurs jurent qu'elles ne céderont jamais à l'appel du bistouri. Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard… : ces stars qui refusent la chirurgie esthétique

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Point of Decision: God's Provision vs Man's Solution (English Edition)Point of Decision: God's Provision vs Man's Solution (English Edition)

When faced with extraordinary circumstances—especially those of life or death—we often lose sight of God and instead rely on fallible human wisdom instead of trusting in the promise of provision. But doing it “my way” almost never works out.

If you want to learn how to fully trust in God and walk in his purpose for your life, then open up Point of Decision. Author Robert D. Kee uses both hypothetical and biblical situations to explore God-centered decision making in an unstable world. Kee grounds his work in the story of Ruth, the Moabite widow who sought a greater understanding of faith in God and trusted him to redeem her and, through that trust, redeem her family’s inheritance and squarely place them in the lineage of the coming Messiah, Jesus.

Within these pages, you’ll learn to embrace the annihilation of your own will and walk in the Spirit of the living God. He gave everything to reconcile you to himself, and the freedom you’ll find in total surrender to him will lead to a life brimming over with hope.

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