Mar 062015

 Halle Berry vient de dénoncer la quête quasi systématique de la jeunesse à Hollywood. Ce n'est pas la première actrice à se plaindre ce cette "pression" inévitable. Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard et bien d'autres consoeurs jurent qu'elles ne céderont jamais à l'appel du bistouri. Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard… : ces stars qui refusent la chirurgie esthétique

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Luminous Heart of Inner Radiance: Drawings of the Tögal Visions (English Edition)Luminous Heart of Inner Radiance: Drawings of the Tögal Visions (English Edition)Tögal (Thogal) is an ancient spiritual path, a dynamic visionary process arising from your heart and the very basis of all manifestation. The rainbow-colored visions of Tögal are primordial; they are the first and most radiant aspect of manifestation closest to essence. They are a doorway to direct perception of the luminous union of essence and radiance, and they are not separate from the natural world. They arise from the same source and for the same reason, to provide an avenue for return to essence; there is a sacred intent, a great compassion, woven throughout the very fabric of being.

The visions of Tögal mature in a way that is both specific and beautiful. Robert and Rachel Olds kept sketchbooks of the Tögal visions during their nine-year retreat together, and they share their drawings and the perspective that the ripening of Tögal brings to show the correlation between the visions of inner radiance and the vision that is this life. The images in the visions are not esoteric or secret; they are all around us in the natural world, from concentric rings on the surface of a pond to the patterns of the background radiation of the universe itself. The visions of Tögal and the natural world are equally sacred. Now more than ever, when our Earth is in peril due to non-recognition of this inherent holiness, it is important to acknowledge and reaffirm the sacredness of this entire arising vision we call life.

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