Mar 112015

 Halle Berry vient de dénoncer la quête quasi systématique de la jeunesse à Hollywood. Ce n'est pas la première actrice à se plaindre ce cette "pression" inévitable. Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard et bien d'autres consoeurs jurent qu'elles ne céderont jamais à l'appel du bistouri. Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard… : ces stars qui refusent la chirurgie esthétique

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Sherlock Holmes [Import anglais]Sherlock Holmes [Import anglais]If youve got too many pre-conceptions of just how a Sherlock Holmes movie should pan out, then its probably best that you check them in before popping this latest version in your player. Starring Robert Downey Jr. in the title role and accompanied by Jude Law as Watson, this film dispenses with some of the conventions of Holmes, and instead starts turning him into something of a period action hero. Downey Jr. is more than up to the challenge too. Early scenes in Sherlock Holmes are more Fight Club than sleuth-influenced, with the hand of director Guy Ritchie behind the camera being very clear. But the film soon settles down and starts to have some fun, with the able assistance of Mark Strong and Rachel McAdams, among the supporting cast. Yet this is Downey Jr.s show, and he doesnt waste the opportunity. Hes an engaging leading man at the worst of times, and hes clearly having a ball here. Whats more, its immensely satisfying when his Sherlock Holmes gets down to the business of solving crimes, even though there are some really quite impressive action sequences to work through first. There are problems, of course. Theres not enough flesh on the bones of some of the characters, and the early part of the film feels very different from the latter stages. But theres solid groundwork here for the inevitable franchise, and watching Downey Jr. reprise the role of Sherlock Holmes over the next few years should be really quite good fun too. --Jon Foster

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