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25 Years Ago: INXS' 'Welcome to Wherever You Are' Marks a Huge …
The '90s were not kind to INXS. After building toward out-sized fame in the preceding decade, each successive album sold less. Welcome to Wherever You Are, released on Aug. 3, 1992, would be the band's last-ever platinum-selling studio project in

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Inxs: Never Tear Us Apart (Blu-ray) [Import italien]Inxs: Never Tear Us Apart (Blu-ray) [Import italien]Australie Edition, Blu-Ray/Region A/B/C DVD: SON: Anglais ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), Anglais ( Dolby Digital Stereo ), Anglais ( DTS-HD Master Audio ), Anglais ( Sous-titres ), WIDESCREEN, SUPPLEMENTS: Accès De Scène, Ensemble 2-DVD, Menu Interactif, SYNOPSIS: Never Tear Us Apart is the uncensored story of how six suburban boys from Australia conquered the world with a unique sound and a work ethic that became legendary. Beyond the music, beyond the roar of a sell-out crowd, there were parties, private planes, drugs and girls. With a seemingly endless string of hits, INXS played hard and partied even harder, but the rock star lifestyle soon took its toll on these lifelong friends. Featuring a stellar cast and unprecedented access to INXS' archive of music and memories, this is the ultimate rock 'n roll story: of mateship, conflict, success and excess. From the Sydney pub rock scene of the early 1980s, through to their ascent to the pinnacle of the music industry and the tragic death of lead singer Michael Hutchence in 1997, Never Tear Us Apart shines a light on one of Australia's most iconic rock bands. ...INXS: Never Tear Us Apart - 2-Disc Set ( Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS )

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