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Prison Break, saisons 1 à 4, une série de Paul T. Scheuring : critique
CineSeries (Blog)
Enfin, l'enquête extérieure, menée par une avocate, Victoria, l'ancienne petite amie de Burrows (interprétée par Robin Tunney, la future Teresa Lisbon de Mentalist), aboutit vite sur une théorie du complot complètement invraisemblable (mais qui

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The Craft [DVD] [1996] by Robin TunneyThe Craft [DVD] [1996] by Robin TunneyIf Buffy the Vampire Slayer represents the lighter side of high school as a macabre experience, here's a movie that asks the burning question, What happens when angst-ridden teenagers develop supernatural powers? More to the point, how do four outcast teenaged witches handle their ability to cast wicked spells on the taunting classmates who've nicknamed them The Bitches of Eastwick? The answer, of course, is don't get mad, get even. That's about all there is to this terminally silly movie, which makes up for its ludicrous plot by letting its young female cast have a field day as they indulge their dark fantasies. Fairuza Balk is enjoyable as the most wicked of the witches, and is therefore the focus of the film's most dazzling special effects. But it's Neve Campbell from television's Party of Five who made The Craft a modest box-office hit, just before she became her generation's fright-movie favourite in Scream and its popular sequel. --Jeff Shannon

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