Sep 192017

Brittany Snow Dishes On What Fans Can Expect From 'Pitch Perfect …
Elite Daily
You know (and love) her from teen classics like John Tucker Must Die, Pitch Perfect, and Hairspray. Recently, America's favorite girl-next-door has a lot going on. Elite Daily caught up with Brittany Snow to talk about upcoming projects, Pitch Perfect

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The Pacifier [Import anglais]The Pacifier [Import anglais]Vin Diesel is game to soften his tough-guy image in The Pacifier, in which he plays hot-shot Navy S.E.A.L. Shane Wolfe, whose latest mission goes awry when the scientist hes sent to rescue is popped off before he can tell Wolfe where hes hidden some Top Secret software something-or-other. Before you can say Kindergarten Cop, Wolfe is assigned guard duty at the scientists family home, where hes left with some unruly kids when the widow (Faith Ford) takes off to Switzerland to claim her hubbys safety deposit box under the guidance of Wolfes superior officer. The trouble with this paint-by-numbers fish-out-of-water kiddie comedy is that Diesel himself is a fish out of water in the movie--hes no comic and is far funnier when hes unintentionally spoofing macho heroics in The Chronicles of Riddick. The film limply throws everything it can at you, including the idea of Wolfe directing a community theater production of The Sound of Music, but is just biding its time until the predictable action climax and hugs-all-around denouement. Vin doesnt look embarrassed, but the supporting cast sure does, especially Everybody Loves Raymonds Brad Garrett as a bombastic vice principal and Gilmore Girls Lauren Graham as Garretts boss and Diesels sudden love interest.--Steve Wiecking,

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