Sep 242017

Cole Sprouse, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber… Enfants stars : Entre dépression, drogue… Quel prix à payer pour une …
Dylan Sprouse, le frère jumeaux de Cole Sprouse, préfère ne plus se trouver sous le feu des projecteurs aujourd'hui. Vanessa Hudgens, qui a longtemps souffert chez Disney, se fait plus discrète à présent. La jeune femme a eu droit à son lot de drama

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The Prince And The Pauper - The Movie [DVD] [2008] by Cole SprouseThe Prince And The Pauper - The Movie [DVD] [2008] by Cole SprouseSelf-confidence is a healthy virtue, but Teen Spy star Eddie Tudor (Cole Sprouse) is so full of himself that he's becoming impossible to work with and is verging on being fired from the movie he's staring in. Enter devoted fan Tom Canty (Dylan Sprouse) who sneaks onto the movie lot in hopes of meeting his favorite star. Turns out that Tom just happens to look exactly like Eddie, so Eddie takes advantage of the moment and switches clothes and identities with the young fan in hopes of gaining a free afternoon. What Eddie gets is an eye-opening look at how a normal kid lives and the special challenges of Tom's life with his grandfather. Tom, on the other hand, gets a chance to fulfill his life-long dream of acting in a movie--thing is, it's a lot more work than he ever imagined. Of course, almost no one involved in either young man's life believes that the two boys have switched places, which makes things especially complicated when the filming location changes unexpectedly from Palm Beach to Miami and Tom is whisked away from his hometown leaving Eddie behind. Through interacting with one another's families, friends, and co-workers, both boys learn important lessons about humility, appreciating what they have, and valuing the people closest to them. This contemporary version of the Mark Twain classic will appeal to kids aged 5 and older and stars Kay Panabaker, Vincent Spano, Dedee Pfeiffer, Ed Lauter, and Sally Kellerman. --Tami Horiuchi

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