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Laissez Woody Allen tranquille!
Depuis quelque temps, et encore plus depuis l'affaire Weinstein et les révélations qui s'en sont suivies, je sens monter ici et là comme une envie furieuse d'épingler Woody Allen et de le présenter comme un abominable prédateur sexuel dont il faudrait
Woody Allen, le malaise suite aux révélations WeinsteinLe Soir
"Wonder Wheel": Woody Allen promène sa nostalgie à Coney IslandRTBF
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Woody Allen 20 Film Collection [Edizione: Regno Unito] [Import italien]Woody Allen 20 Film Collection [Edizione: Regno Unito] [Import italien]ENJOY THESE TWENTY PHENOMENAL FILMS that showcase the masterful wit range and talent of ACADEMY AWARD Winner Woody Allen. From outrageously funny comedies to character-rich love stories, this extensive collection pays tribute to one of Hollywood most entertaining and acclaimed filmmakers. ALICE: A woman develops magical powers, thanks to an Asian herbalist. ANNIE HALL: Comedian Alvy Singer falls for ditzy but delightful Annie Hall in this Best Picture OSCAR Winner. ANOTHER WOMAN: A writer eavesdrops on the therapy sessions of a stranger. BANANAS: Fielding Mellish becomes the president of a banana republic. BROADWAY DANNY ROSE: A talent manager gets dragged into a life-threatening love triangle. CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS: Martin Landau plays an adulterous husband contemplating murder. EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX* BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK: Outrageously funny answers to provocative questions about sex. HANNAH AND HER SISTERS: Michael Caine and Dianne Wiest won OSCARS for their supporting roles in this film brimming with laughter and tears. INTERIORS: An intimate drama about a mother and her three daughters. LOVE AND DEATH: A cowardly Russian finds himself on the war front. MANHATTAN: A divorced writer falls for his best friend mistress. MELINDA AND MELINDA: A seriously funny love story told as both a comedy and a drama. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT SEX COMEDY: Love blooms in the countryside for a crackpot inventor and his guests. THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO: A movie character steps off the screen and into the real world. RADIO DAYS: A coming-of-age story set during the golden age of radio. SEPTEMBER: Unrequited love and secrets from the past haunt a fragile woman. SHADOWS AND FOG: An all-star cast lights up this dark comedy about a killer on the loose. SLEEPER: The future is funny in this sci-fi spoof about a man out of time. STARDUST MEMORIES: A filmmaker grapples with fawning fans and the meaning of life. ZELIG: A human chameleon fascinates America in this mock docu

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