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The Flash season 5: Who is Cicada? Who is Chris Klein?
Chris Klein is an American actor best known for playing Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher in the American Pie movies. The 39-year-old has been cast as a series regular for The Flash season five. His other television credits include Wilfred and The Grinder. Recent
Chris Klein Revealed as Cicada in First Flash Season 5 ImageScreen Rant
The Flash Reveals Best Look Yet At Season 5 Villain CicadaCBR
The Flash Reveals Full First Look At Season 5 Villain CicadaCinema Blend
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American Pie 2 [DVD] [2001] by Jason Biggs|Shannon Elizabeth|Alyson Hannigan|Chris KleinAmerican Pie 2 [DVD] [2001] by Jason Biggs|Shannon Elizabeth|Alyson Hannigan|Chris KleinSometimes you just don't need to change the recipe. Like its predecessor, American Pie 2 is superficially full of gross-out laddishness, but there's a moral tale lurking beneath all the jokes about masturbation, voyeurism and men's sexual prowess--or their lack of it. Jim (Jason Biggs) spends his first summer home from college trying to get himself ready for Nadia, the Czech woman he almost slept with in the first film. He goes to Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), his actual first partner, for pointers on technique--and learns lessons he did not expect. His friends--Finch, Oz, Kevin and the appalling Stiffler--are similarly educated during their summer vacation. This is a film that boasts many profoundly dirty jokes, but gets away with this lewd, crude and rude behaviour due to its charm and charisma.

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