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Today in History for Oct. 18
Aiken Standard
Actor Wesley Jonathan is 40. Rhythm-and-blues singer-actor Ne-Yo is 39. Country singer Josh Gracin is 38. Country musician Jesse Littleton (Marshall Dyllon) is 37. Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn is 34. Jazz singer-musician Esperanza Spalding is …

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25 Classic Christian Biographies - Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Moody, Wesley and many more! (English Edition)25 Classic Christian Biographies - Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Moody, Wesley and many more! (English Edition)These 25 Classic Christian Biographies contain the life stories of men of God who have challenged and captivated countless Christians through the centuries. From Saint Augustine to Saint Francis, Calvin to Wesley, Brainerd to McCheyne, Charles Spurgeon to Hudson Taylor - history has been shaped, God has been glorified, and Christians have been inspired through their lives and legacy. See below for the full list of these 25 world-changers.

It is our prayer that by reading this collection you too will be strengthened in your walk with the Lord and challenged to follow him with your whole heart!

Please note that these are the full, original biographies (not just sketches or brief overviews), captured in the language of the original biographer, which for earlier biographies can sometimes be a little archaic.

A few things to note:
* Includes an Active Table of Contents to navigate between books.
* Arranged according to year of death.
* Note that while this volume looks at famous Christian men who changed and impacted history, the soon-to-be-released companion volume looks at famous Christian women.

1.The Authoritative Life Of General William Booth (1912)
2.The Story Of John G. Paton (1907)
3.Hudson Taylor - A Retrospect (1905)
4.The Life And Work Of Dwight L. Moody (1899)
5.George Müller Of Bristol (1898)
6.C. H. Spurgeon: A Biography (1892)
7.Biography Of Charles Finney (1875)
8.The Personal Life Of David Livingstone (1873)
9.Biography Of Robert Murray McCheyne (1843)
10.The Life Of William Carey (1834)
11.Henry Martyn: Saint And Scholar (1812)
12.John Wesley, The Evangelist (1791)
13.George Whitefield: A Biography (1770)
14.The Biography Of Jonathan Edwards (1758)
15.The Life And Diary Of David Brainerd With Reflections (1747)
16.John Bunyan - Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners (1688)
17.The Life Of Dr. John Owen (1683)
18.The Life Of Calvin (1564)
19.The Life Of Luther (1546)
20.The Life Of William Tyndale (1536)
21.Raymond Lull - First Missionary To The Muslims (1315)
22.The Life Of The Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas (1274)
23.The Life And Legends Of Saint Francis Of Assisi (1226)
24.The Confession Of Saint Patrick (461)
25.The Confessions Of Saint Augustine (430)

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